Jul 13 2016

3 Tips to Protect Yourself when Selling a Gun

Protect yourself when selling a gun So it’s time to sell your gun. For many gun owners, selling a gun can cause some anxiety – for good reason too. Today’s legal and political environments don’t tolerate a single misstep. Selling a gun can carry significant liability. Taking the proper steps will protect you from any

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Jul 05 2016
Man displaying pistol and revolver firearms for sale

Transactions & Locations Supported by Gun Transfer

Gun sales and locations supported by Gun Transfer Gun Transfer is designed to make it easier to buy and sell guns between private parties.  After the seller finds a buyer, use Gun Transfer to legally, safely, and confidentially transfer a gun to the buyer.  Gun Transfer’s initial launch will support private party transaction between residents

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Jun 20 2016
Shooting and Weapons Training. Outdoor Shooting Range

Introducing Gun Transfer

It’s a scary world – Introducing Gun Transfer President Obama wants to take away your guns. Hillary Clinton has vowed to double down on the fight against gun owners (AKA, the gun lobby) the first day in office. Michael Bloomberg will spend millions to make sure you can’t own a gun while Michael Moore makes

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